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ANTF Skylines is a Minecraft economy role-laying server featuring governments, multiple states, and vibrant economies supporting the buying and selling of goods (even if you are the only in the world thanks to automation) The world is your oyster. You start with limited resources, and money, and much like the Sims, you have to build your way up the ladder, acquire wealth, land, and so one, start business's, and more. The world offers everything from vacation destinations, to wilderness tracts, to large urban centers, and has a supportive community that allows you to have fun and express your inner miner. If you like to learn more, click on the button above that says Take the Tour.

Additional Information

Thanks to a partnership with we are now able to host our Minecraft City on a dedicated server without Hamatchi or any 3rd party software is needed. If you are a legacy ANTF Gaming member then either login or email [email protected] for assistance. If you are new to ANTF's Minecraft Realm you can register and once we vet you, you will be able to login and join the community. The community provides you with instructions on how to access the server and view the Stats of Role-Play Events. The world runs 24/7 unless special imports are being done. The World is also Supported by a joint software platform known as Infinity.

Vetting Qualifications

  • You must know someone in ANTF or part of CS90 (Exceptions can be Made)
  • You must be willing to follow all the rules associated with the map. For a complete list Click Here
  • You must not have been Blacklisted by ANTF during its Xbox Clan Operation Years (if not sure email [email protected])
  • You must have Discord Installed and Working (TeamSpeak is acceptable for CS90 Users) and Speak English
  • You must be respectful, no cheating!, no Griefing, or Hacking!
  • You must have Java Minecraft for Windows or MAC (NOT the Windows 10 Edition)

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