Every Success Has A Story

Date Last Modified: 2/19/18

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It all started over 8 years ago. ANTF’s humble beginnings as an Xbox gaming clan created by a few friends and relatives in high school, for the simple purpose of having fun. Over time ANTF grew into a gaming conglomerate, managing other national and international gaming organizations and members and leveraging custom gaming software solutions until 2015. ANTF saw an opportunity to not only enter the consumer software realm, but to create fun, easy to use software, that can provide a more tailored experience to the individual and solve daily tasks that there simply is not a solution for. Essentially, we went from gaming to programming (but we still game).

In the words of our founder

“We at ANTF strive to create better solutions today, that have a meaningful impact on tomorrow, and help solve everyday problems. I have dedicated much of my life thus far to making that dream become a reality. Step by step, release by release, we will get there. Code is everything, its LIFE! Without it, many of us would not be able to function, so lets make better code, lets throw greed out of the equation, lets innovate, because tomorrow never stops, and neither do we. Be Bold Like Us”

-Justin LePore (CEO/Founder of ANTF)