About ANTF FairPlay

ANTF FairPlay

Developed by an ANTF Xbox 360 Clan Strategist in 2009, ANTF FairPlay is a set of general rules in all games played by ANTF. These serve as guideline to ensure everyone is playing the way they are supposed to and that everything is as fair as it can be. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in Termination from ANTF, and/or removal from game session and future sessions. The general guidelines are listed below:

  • No Software Mods (Unless Stated Otherwise)
  • No Hardware Mods such as Modded Controllers
  • No Using Software Like "Cain and Able" To Knock people offline
  • No Cheating or Self Enriching
  • No Abusing Admin privileges
  • Do Not Steal From Others Unless The Game Calls for It
  • Avoid Negative Language That Can Affect a player on a personal level
  • Do not make personal threats to others
  • Do not circumvent ANTF policy to invite friends or use resources to your own ends
  • Do not abuse ANTF Game Software